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PeaceMaker challenges you to succeed as a leader where others have failed. Experience the joy of winning the Nobel Prize or the agony of plunging the Middle East into disaster. PeaceMaker will test your skills, assumptions and prior knowledge. Play it and you will never read the news the same way again.

This is what PeaceMaker has to offer:

  • Inspired by real events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Be a leader and win the Nobel Prize before your term in office ends
  • Two games in one: play both the role of the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President
  • Play the news: how would you react to the events in the Middle East presented using real news footage and images?
  • Depending on what you bring to the table, we have three difficulty levels to choose from including calm, tense and violent

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PeaceMaker 1.04 Demo for Windows

User reviews about PeaceMaker

  • by Anonymous

    DEDOTATED WAAAAAAAAAAAMMM. i weally need to now how much dedotated wam thes game uses pls

  • by Anonymous

    i H8 this game. Life is not worth living after this game. I died 3 times for dieing. rip pablo

  • by Anonymous

    DEDOTATED WAM. Thes es a weally gweat game buut i has one quesstin. How much dedotated wam does thes game use?

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